This information is mandatory for all patients to read and comply with prior to booking appointments at this clinic:

New procedures for receiving massage treatments at Optimal Health Massage Therapy

Booking appointments:

I am not currently accepting new patients.  RMTs have been advised to offer treatments to current patients only.  I will also be removing the 30 minute treatment from the online booking site as I feel there is insufficient time to complete the necessary COVID-19 procedures and still have enough treatment time.  Any 30 minute appointments already booked in will be left as they are in the schedule and we will do our best with timing.

There will be no same day bookings, all appointments must be booked at least a day ahead.  You can call, email, text or book online.  This allows you to complete the mandatory BC COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire one day prior to your appointment.  Follow this link to get to the questionnaire:

Please cancel any appointments that fall within 14 days of any air travel.  There have been several local flights that have been flagged for having a positive Covid-19 case on board requiring all involved to isolate while monitoring for symptoms.  Out of respect for my health, my business and all the clients I treat, please do not come into the clinic if you have been on an airplane in the last 2 weeks.  

I will be contacting patients that have not yet been into the clinic to ensure the self-assessment is completed and treatment is advised, that they meet the requirements for coming into the clinic, and they have reflected upon the following points:

The risks associated with receiving a massage during a global pandemic: because, while I have taken measures to minimize risk of viral transmission, the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room.

The use of personal protective equipment (masks and gloves). It is required that you wear a mask during your time at the clinic. It can be either a clean reusable mask or a disposable one. I will also be wearing a mask for the duration of your visit. Gloves have been deemed unnecessary by the RMTBC as hand washing practices should be sufficient to provide a reasonable reduction of risk of transmission of viral agents.

When you arrive for your appointment:
Please arrive as close to the appointment start time as possible. If you are early there is a higher chance of crossing paths with other people.

Enter the backyard through the gate that is left open as usual. Proceed to the clinic door and please do not touch anything on your way.

Please stay outside and do not touch the door knob. The clinic door will be locked and I will be letting you in when it is safe to do so. There is a chair outside for your use that will be sanitized between patients, or you can choose to wait in your car. Please text when you arrive so I can contact you when I am ready for you to enter the clinic.

Please come by yourself. No additional people (including children) will be permitted to stay on the property while you are receiving your treatment. If you require physical assistance please inform me so we can determine a plan that reduces contact and ensures everyone’s safety.

When you are inside the clinic you are not to touch your face with your hands, a tissue will be provided if you need to touch your face for any reason.

While keeping a distance of at least 2 meters from me, proceed directly to the bathroom where you are to wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds as directed by the hand washing poster from BC CDC posted on the mirror. There are clean towels available for drying your hands that can be placed in the plastic bin beside the sink.

Once your hands are clean we can proceed to the treatment room where I will confirm that you are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, have not been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of or has tested positive for COVID-19, have not traveled outside BC within the past 14 days, and have no other reason to believe that treatment should not proceed. I will confirm this information for myself as well.

If we both consent to proceed with the treatment I will take your temperature with a touchless digital thermometer (that takes 3 seconds) and record the results in your chart. A temperature at or above 38*C will result in the treatment being cancelled immediately.

Once we are both prepared to continue, assessment and treatment will occur
You will place any clothing you remove on the chair that you were sitting on
When you are ready to leave the treatment room, do not touch the door knob, let me know that you are ready to exit and I will open the treatment room door for you.

Proceed directly to the bathroom to wash your hands again.

Payment by contactless methods is preferred. Direct billing will continue as previous. Receipts will be email only. Rebooking of appointments can be done by me or through the online portal as usual.

We will need to keep interactions after the treatment to a minimum to reduce the spread of saliva droplets and to ensure I have sufficient cleaning time for my next appointment. I am happy to have phone, text or email conversations if further discussions are needed.

These screening methods will need to be repeated for all treatments until the CMTBC and the PHO determine they are no longer necessary.

All of this information will be posted on my website for future reference. You may also request a copy of my complete Return to Practice guidelines from the CMTBC as well as the specific protocols in place for my clinic.  If you are not comfortable with any of the above information, it is best to abstain from booking appointments at this time.  Receiving a massage therapy treatment is a choice and is not necessary if you are not comfortable with the procedures outlined here.


CMTBC Return to practice guidelines for RMTs in BC:

BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment:

Symptoms of COVID-19:

BC CDC Physical distancing measures:

BC CDC Handwashing information:

COVID-19 Common Questions:

BC CDC Cleaning and disinfecting practices:

BC CDC Mask information:

These protocols are required by the CMTBC for Massage Clinics to follow as of May 19, 2020. You are not required to read this information but is available here should you choose to read it:

Re-opening plan for Optimal Health Massage Therapy – home based clinic:

Clinic is a completely separate space from my home, entry to the clinic is through the gate which is always left open.  There will be no need to touch anything on the way to the clinic door.  I am the only person working in the clinic.  There are no administrative staff or additional practitioners.

Booking appointments:
I will call all patients who were already booked in to inform them of my new clinic protocols, discuss the risks of receiving treatment, determine if massage therapy is indicated and direct them to take the BC COVID-19 symptom self-assessment one day prior to their appointment

All current patients will be contacted by email informing them of the new clinic protocols for booking and receiving treatments, and with details about giving informed consent around the risks of receiving treatment at my clinic.  I will also inform patients of the importance of wearing the appropriate PPE.   This way we can both be ready with the necessary PPE for their arrival.  Information about avoiding face touching will be given.

A notice will be posted on the website and online booking site with the procedures for booking all future appointments

These protocols and patient communication protocols will be available for anyone who requests them.

Entry into the clinic:
Front door will be locked with sign informing patient to wait outside until allowed entry.  This will also prevent the very rare occurrence of other people entering the clinic while I am with a patient.
A plastic wipe-able chair is placed 2 meters outside the front door for seating, or they can choose to wait in their vehicle if they prefer and I will text them when it is time to enter
While wearing a new mask, I will open the door to allow them entry once I am ready for them, while remaining 2 meters from them.

Waiting room:
Patient will immediately go to the bathroom where they will wash their hands with soap and water, and use a hand towel to thoroughly dry their hands. A washable plastic bin is available next to the sink to place soiled towels in.
The hand washing info-poster is posted on the mirror
If the patient requires use of the bathroom privately they may open/close the door with one of the hand towels provided and place it in the bin with the other soiled towels after opening the door.  A touchless soap dispenser is placed on bathroom counter.
There are no unnecessary items in the waiting area or bathroom (removal of magazines, water dispenser, etc.)
A touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is available if needed
Seating for only one person, if needed, on a wipe-able plastic chair.  Patients have been informed to come alone.
The water cooler has been removed so drinking water in a disposable cup will now be available by request.
I will wipe down the outdoor waiting chair while the patient is washing their hands and wash my hands at my personal prep station.
BC CDC cleaning posters are placed around the clinic as suggested

Treatment room:
The treatment room has an air filter with germ setting and a heat pump equipped with filter to reduce airborne contaminants
I will open the treatment room door and step back to allow patient to enter and find their seat on the wipe-able vinyl chair
No unnecessary items in room
All surfaces wipe-able, includes: table, face piece, pillows, bolsters, chair, RMT stool, floor, door knobs, walls, switches, lamp, oil bottle
Extra pillows and table linens are stored in a closed cabinet
New linens on table for each client, includes: sheets, face piece cover, blanket
My first assessment questions will be a few screening questions to ensure that the answers from the self-assessment questionnaire are still true and there are no changes to their health or travel habits.  All answers will be recorded in their chart and the decision to proceed with treatment will be made.
Patients consent to proceed with treatment will be documented.
If treatment is to proceed, I will take the patients temperature with a touchless thermometer and record this in their chart.  If the temperature is in the safe range (under 38*C) I will continue with assessment for treatment
If use of a face cushion is required for treatment, I will spray the face cushion with my Spray-Nine cleaning solution, wait 45 seconds and then wipe it clean, as directed by the bottle’s instructions for disinfecting, and place a new flannel wrap and face piece cover on the face cushion in front of the client and ensure they are satisfied with the state of the treatment area and are comfortable to proceed with treatment.
I will instruct the patient to place their clothes on the chair they were sitting on and get on the table for the treatment once I leave the room, I will use a towel to exit the treatment room so they may proceed.
No thermophore will be available until CMTBC guidelines suggest it is safe to do so.
I will go to my personal prep area, disinfect my tablet and wash my hands with soap and water following proper hand washing guidelines and .  The proximity of my sink to the treatment room ensures the client will be able to hear me washing my hands properly.  I will dry them with a new towel and place it directly in the washing machine (where the door is left open until it is ready to be used).
I will put on a clean apron and any additional PPE requested by the patient or myself, and grab a new towel for use on the door knob to enter the treatment room once the patient has verbally expressed their readiness for me to enter the treatment room.
Facial tissues are available on the wipe-able side table should the patient or myself have a need to touch our faces.
Touchless hand sanitizer is available in the treatment room if needed

I will treat my patient as we have discussed in the assessment, obtaining consent for any changes that come up during treatment.
I will ensure conversation stays at a level that is necessary for safe treatment to reduce unnecessary spread of saliva droplets
Once the treatment is over I will inform the patient to get redressed and verbally express their readiness for me to re-enter the treatment room.  Ensuring they do not touch the door themselves.
I will return to the prep area where I will place my oil bottle in the sink, place my apron in the washer and wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water following the proper hand washing guidelines, and dry my hands with a new towel placing that towel directly into the washing machine.
I will use my computer to chart the details of the treatment with any remaining time the patient needs to get dressed.
Once the patient informs me they are ready for me to re-enter the treatment room, I will use a clean towel to open the door.  They will receive any homecare and post treatment instructions and be allowed to ask follow-up questions.
We will exit the treatment room keeping a distance of 2 meters between us and I will inform them to return to the bathroom to re-wash their hands following the posted CDC guidelines.  Once clean, they will meet me at the front desk.

Front desk:
There is no receptionist at my clinic
There will be an ‘X’ marked on the reception room floor for the patient to stand on while I am seated at the desk to process any payment details.
There will be an ‘X’ marked on the floor behind the desk for me to stand on while the patient steps forward to tap their card if payment is required.
The patient will return to their ‘X’ while I rebook any necessary future appointments and inform them that their receipt will be emailed to them.  I will inform them that the pre-screening process will be needed again for all future visits. 
Once our business concludes I will assist them with exiting the clinic while staying 2 meters apart

Exiting the clinic:
While staying 2 meters apart I will head to the exit door with a clean towel and open the door for the patient to exit the clinic.
If there is a patient waiting outside I will inform them that the clinic needs to be sanitized prior to their entry; however, I will have gaps between appointments to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Sanitizing the clinic after an appointment:

While wearing the mask that I used for treatment, I will return the treatment room to remove the sheets, blankets and face cushion covers from the table and take them directly to the washing machine where I will place everything inside including all towels used during that treatment.
I will wash my hands thoroughly using proper hand washing guidelines
I will return to the treatment room with my cleaning spray solution, clean rags and heavy rubber gloves.  
I will spray down the table (including pedestal leg), pillows, face cushion, digital thermometer, chair, RMT stool and height adjuster, and floor with Spray-Nine cleaner, wait 45 seconds and then wipe them clean, as directed by the bottle’s instructions for disinfecting.
I will wipe down counters, door handles, lights, door jams, the bathroom, the reception desk, keyboard, mouse, phone, tablet, POS machine, reception desk chair and waiting room chair with spray-nine as directed. 
I will wash my hands again following the proper hand washing guidelines
After allowing the room to dry, I will place new sheets and a blanket on the table and prepare a new face piece cover to put on the cushion after the patient has seen me clean it for the second time.
If this is the end of my day I will clean and prepare the treatment room for the following work day.
The laundry will be put on as needed and washed with soap and hot water, and dried in the dryer until completely dry.  Any soiled laundry that cannot go into the washer will be placed in a washable receptacle until it can be laundered, gloves will be worn when handling soiled laundry.  
A clean apron will be worn when folding clean laundry.  Clean laundry will be folded on a clean table next to the sheet storage cupboard. (Away from the washer/soiled laundry area)
The washer and dryer will be disinfected after each use
The garbage will be emptied at the end of each day and relined for the next day
I will wash my hands prior to exiting the clinic

Therapist measures:
I will complete the BC COVID-19 symptom self-assessment questionnaire every day and record the results in my personal therapists diary
I will take my own temperature every day and document the results in my personal therapists diary
I will record places I’ve visited and other people I have come into contact with other than patients.
I will maintain a daily clinic cleaning log
I will not leave the clinic during the workday and will limit the outings that I take to ensure I have reduced contact with public places
I will remove my work clothing and shoes and put on my clean clothes from a plastic bag before re-entering my house
I will inform my patients if I fail any of the self-assessment tools and reschedule as needed.