Registered Massage Therapists


Tracy Hansen, BHSc, RMT

Tracy has been practicing as a BC registered massage therapist since 2006. She is dedicated to the health and well-being of her clients and enjoys all types of treatments including sports, therapeutic, deep tissue, and relaxation style treatments to alleviate acute or chronic pain and dysfunction.  Tracy has taken extra training on working with the fascial system to release scar tissue and adhesions within the connective tissue of the body.  Tracy provides clients with various stretching and strengthening exercises to assist them with their wellness goals and her training as a fitness instructor helps determine the appropriate exercises for her clients.  Tracy obtained her bachelor of health science degree from Thompson Rivers University in 2009.  Tracy has also been a certified Jazzercise instructor since 2009. She loves being a mother to her son, Robbie; and enjoys being active outdoors with her chocolate lab, Tucker.

Colton Jarvis, RMT, has moved to the Yukon to continue his career there.  We will miss having him at the clinic with us.  All of his clients are welcome to continue their care with any of our massage therapists.

Joanna Proracki, RMT, has moved to Lantzville with her family and will continue her career there.  Joanna was such a pleasure to be around and we will all miss her.  All of Joanna's clients are welcome to seek treatment with any other therapist at our clinic.

Kirsten Spouler, RMT, has returned to Vancouver.  She was only with us a short period of time but it was an honour to have such a skilled therapist work with us for the time she did.  Best of luck to her on her return home.  All clients of Kirsten's are welcome to see any of our other therapists.

Chad Gottfried, BSc, RMT 

Growing up as an Air Force brat, living from coast to coast in Canada, Chad finally decided to
settle in Victoria in 1990 where he received a biology degree from the University of Victoria. He
has since fulfilled his lifelong dream of cycling across Canada and expanded his worldview by
travelling beyond our borders including India where he was fortunate to personally meet the
Dalai Lama. So like many things in his life, Chad approaches massage therapy from many
different perspectives. He first discovered massage therapy to be an essential part of success
as an athlete including being a former national level competitive road and track cyclist, in
particular he found it key to his rapid recovery after being hit by a car while cycling. As a
certified yoga instructor and long time meditation practitioner, Chad also believes massage
therapy to be an integral component of well-being from a mind-body perspective.
Being a kinesthetic learner and keen problem solver, with a deep desire to help others
culminated into the journey of becoming a “new-old” graduate of the West Coast College of
Massage Therapy in Victoria (2017). Combining his own experience in massage therapy as an
athlete with the latest manual skills techniques, Chad is excited in working with his patients
towards their goals.

Previous Therapists:

Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in BC:

  • Have completed a 3000 hour program, the highest standards in North America
  • Have completed registrations exams and are licensed by the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC)
  • Have mandatory continuing education and upgrading